Privacy Policy

KANEKO SEEDS CO.,LTD. (hereinafter: KANEKO) manages and protects your personal information that KANEKO possesses under the following Group policies.

  1. Collection of Your Personal Information
    When KANEKO collects your personal information, KANEKO clearly provides the limited purpose of use and collects your personal information within the necessary range for the target achievement of the purpose by a legal and fair method.
  2. Uses of Your Personal Information.
    KANEKO uses your personal information within the range of the shown purpose of use only.
  3. Share and Entrustment of Your Personal Information.
    KANEKO makes a detailed investigation against a third party before KANEKO shares your personal information with a third party or entrust a third party with handling your personal information.
    KANEKO properly supervises a third party to let them keep the privacy.
  4. Provision of Your Personal Information to a Third Party.
    KANEKO does not provide your personal information to any third party without your consent except in response to legal action.
  5. Management of Your Personal Information.
    1. KANEKO keeps the accuracy of your personal information and manages it safely.
    2. To prevent your personal information from losing, destroying, falsifying and leaking, KANEKO arranges proper information security measures against unlawful computer access and the computer virus, etc.
    3. KANEKO does not leak your personal information by getting out your personal information and sending it outside.
  6. Protection of Your Personal Information.
    KANEKO executes the following measures to protect your personal information strictly.
    1. When KANEKO handles your personal information, KANEKO appoints a proper person as a general manager and arranges the management representative for each section to manage your personal information.
    2. KANEKO trains directors and employees to protect and manage your personal information properly and KANEKO manages your personal information in daily business operations.
    3. KANEKO does not only conduct internal audit regularly but also informs rules to employees and other parties.
      KANEKO operates, manages and improves the privacy policies to protect your personal information.
  7. Disclosing, Correction, Suspension and the Deletion of Your Personal Information.
    When KANEKO is asked to disclose your own personal information, KANEKO may disclose it only if it is confirmed that the claiming is from yourself.
    If mistake would be found in your personal information, KANEKO may correct it promptly.
    If there is an instruction from you, KANEKO may stop the use and/or delete it.
    However, it may sometimes be difficult to accept your request in compliance with applicable laws.
  8. Contact Us
    If you have any question or concern about the KANEKO SEEDS Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following address.

    General Affairs Department Inquiry Counter
    50-12 Furuichi-machi 1-chome, Maebashi-shi. Gunma 371-8503 Japan
    Tel: +81-(0)27-251-1617
    FAX 027-290-1073