About us



KANEKO SEEDS CO., LTD. introduces many kinds of vegetable seeds not only for domestic market, but also for overseas markets.  We have been expanding our international business and needs of our seeds are increasing more and more in recent years.
We keep developing close relationships with our valued customers all over the world.  Based on our market research, our breeding team creates high quality variety and its performance is highly appreciated.  We try to contribute to development of agriculture in many countries.
We have subsidiary companies in Thailand (KANEKO SEEDS THAILAND), Philippines (PILIPINAS KANEKO SEEDS COMPANY), and cooperate with United Genetics Turkey.  We are closely cooperating with them as bases of seed sales and production.


Forage Seed Dept.  provides seeds of forage crops, green manure and grasses.  We also introduce seeds for greening and related materials.  We contribute to production of forage for dairy farmers by our many kinds of lineup such as dent corn, Italian ryegrass, oats, barley, and ryes.
As for green manure, we develop and provide varieties which help to improve soil condition, controling soilborne diseases and harmful nematodes.  For grasses, we have a wide range of varieties which are introduced to sports grounds (such as for golf, football, rugby etc...) and the school playground, are highly appreciated.
We also conduct greening business which contribute to conservation of nature and landscaping after the disaster.  We provide seeds of wild grasses, trees and flowers for greening and also carry out greening constructions.


Floriculture Department provides seeds and seedlings of our original flowers.  These varieties of such as Eustoma, Carnation, Limonium and Delphinium are developed in our breeding facility.  We aim to develop unique variety which is not only highly evaluated for flower quality itself, but also for its high productivity, easiness to grow and disease resistance.  We also cooperate with overseas companies and introduce their varieties which are state-of-the-art for domestic market, as well as introduce our varieties to overseas markets.
Flower and Horticulture Department plays an important role as a total environmental planner.  We are promoting nationwide sales of home gardening materials and products such as flower and vegetable seeds, bulbs and seedlings, including those of our own varieties.  Moreover, in collaborations with domestic and overseas companies, we introduce new trends of home gardening to Japanese consumers.


KANEKO SEEDS CO., LTD. plays an important role in the sustainable food production by developing the cultivation systems and introducing them to the growers in the world.  We have been continuously developing unique cultivation systems.  Our first hydroponic system, "Kaneko EK Hydroponic", was developed in 1985 and has been used by many growers.  It is DFT (deep flow technique) system for leafy vegetables.  "Kaneko Rock Farm" and "Coco Berry Farm" are growing systems that utilize coco substrate.  "Coco Berry Farm" is a growing system for strawberry and this system is highly appreciated by growers.  "Kaneko Sprayponics" is a unique aeroponic growing system for tomato and cucumber.  We are also developing the plant factory.  Our cultivation systems would be solutions to labor shortage and waste problem.  Kaneko cultivation systems contribute to achieve the SDGs.